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A Visual Odyssey

Based in Australia, Kim specialises in bespoke mosaics and architectural applications. Kim also teaches and facilitates mosaic based outreach and community projects.

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I grew up in Canberra, Australia and returned after a long spell of travel and living overseas.
After renovating my home and doing all of the tiling, my father asked if I'd do a small installation in his home using leftover slate. This was to be my first mosaic and I discovered that it was much harder than it appeared!
I then started experimenting with tools and tile and grout and found my artistic voice. It quickly became an obsession.
On my travels back to the Bay Area of CA where I lived for a number of years, I discovered the Institute of Mosaic Art where I took a couple classes and also got involved in The Society of American Mosaic Artists (SAMA) and The Mosaic Association of Australia and New Zealand (MAANZ).
After much experimentation and developing my own style of mosaics along with plenty of experience under my belt, I opened as a small business in 2009 taking commissions, teaching classes and facilitating community projects.
With community projects and Artist in Residencies at local schools, I have found an area of my art that has purpose and meaning with more than just ornamental value. It is this that I am most passionate. In these community projects I enter with a humanitarian spirit to assist others create collaboratively; to encourage a collective learning initiative in a supportive and nurturing environment. My aim is simple; to encourage the freedom of creative self-expression and community spirit within a mosaic medium context.
Mosaic provides a solitude, stillness and meditative state that heightens my experience of this world and my hope is to impart even a small amount of this magic.

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Artistic Soul Searching

The process of creating a mosaic for me is very much a meditative one. This is my escape to be still and seek the solitude so important to me. That is the essence I attempt to impart through teaching.

I work hard to create a friendly environment that encourages and inspires artistic growth. I believe everyone has an artist inside them, looking to be expressed and I want to help find their artistic voices without judgment. I pride myself on ensuring that the experience in the classroom is a meaningful one, teaching all there is to know about the technique of mosaic art while also allowing an expression of our own voice.

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Brighter and Stronger Children

Kim Grant Mosaics provides enrichment programs for schools and community groups. The projects offer a tangible learning opportunity whilst also beautifying the institution to which they belong. All projects foster creativity, self-expression, the freedom of exploration and community spirit which in turn leads to self-discovery, trust and friendship and gives participants an appreciation of art for its own sake. Participants are encouraged to express their own voice through the mosaic art medium while also learning how to incorporate that voice in collaboration with their community. It’s my mission to ensure that the arts remain strong, and to facilitate projects to participants of all levels - introducing newcomers to art and creativity, and refining the techniques of even the most veteran artists.

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