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Kala Pet Memorial Mosaic
Flabby Pet Memorial Mosaic
Kipper Pet Memorial Mosaic
Yoshi Pet Memorial Mosaic
Barny Pet Memorial Mosaic
Yoshi, Kipper & Barney Pet Memorial Mosaics
Rudy Pet Memorial Mosaic
Lexi Pet Memorial Mosaic
Foster carers creating Rudy mosaic
1:1 session

Kim Grant


I love animals and understand that the grief of losing a beloved pet is considerable. If you are looking for a mosaic that will memorialise and celebrate that special family member, I would be honoured to create it!
I include a picture, their tag if possible (or I can hang a hook for the tag from the mosaic) and a few words to describe your pet. This may be a nickname or something you said to/about them on a regular basis.
Typically mosaic plaques are created as an oval, a rectangle or in a heart shape with wings, and measure approximately 25cm high or wide, although I am more than happy to create the mosaic in a size that suits your needs. 
Prices vary dependent upon these factors.
These mosaics are for hanging indoors and out of direct sunlight.

Pet Memorial Mosaics: Portfolio
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