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In 2008, I travelled to Oakland California, USA to participate in a mural class at the Institute of Mosaic Art. Over the course of the week and under the tutelage of Laurel True a group of us created a mosaic mural that was installed at a local cafe. This project was a turning point in my mosaic career as I began to create and fall in love with permanent, large scale mosaics and how they could change the look and feel of boring & ordinary structures.

Mosaic mural by True Mosaics Studio and participants of the Mosaic Mural Making Intensive at Institute of Mosaic Art. Design and facilitation by Laurel True. Production and installation by Kim Grant, Pam Goode, Jill Montgomery , Renata Kolarova, Karla Silva-Ruiz, Susannne Takehara, Laurel True and Carol Waldren
Additional production assistance by Deborah Block, Debbie Callen, Kara Graves, Delaine Hackney, Celeste Howell and Rachel Rodi and Lillian Sizemore. Handmade ceramic tile accents by Saundra Warren.

Kefa Coffee: Portfolio
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