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Opus Oracle - the quarterly MAANZ eMagazine

Last year I took over from Marian Shapiro as editor of the eMagazine, Opus Oracle, for the Mosaic Association of Australia and New Zealand (MAANZ). In all honesty I was reluctant to do so for a couple reasons:

1) I knew how much work was involved in putting out an issue of a magazine as I'd done some work around this in my day job before (though it was one of my favourite projects - I do love it in an odd way! I can get my detail oriented OCD on)

2) I'd be filling BIG boots in taking over from Marian

Anyway, first issue of the new format came out today. I'm really proud of it. I feel like it has a good balance of feature articles and real content, as well as being visually appealing with some lovely work from MAANZ members.

Many hours (+60) went into this issue. Hopefully it won't take as long next time!

Anyway, it's yet another reason to be a member of MAANZ.

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